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An evenly balanced mind can produce more creative ideas.

Call Molly Michael today to reserve a day for you and your employees to realign your mind and body in order to offer the best of your best.


Molly offers onsight Reflexology treatments that are both healing and holistic.


Call 515.441.1883 to reserve YOUR employee appreciation day!


Take care of yourself.

It 's the only place you have to live.

- Jim Rohn

Company/Office Based Treatments

Molly Michael is also available for bookings in corporate and office settings in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area.


Companies can book Molly for one day a month to treat their employees in their place of work - this is usually a monthly incentive for their staff, to thank them for their good work.


Some companies pay the full amount and others ask for a small contribution from their staff, whichever way, it's tremendously popular with all concerned!


Contact Molly Michael to arrange the date that is the best fit for you and your office family. 515.441.1883

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