Painless, all-natural hair removal with the art of body sugaring

Discover natural and safe hair removal services

Servicing Men & Women

Remove that unwanted hair quickly, completely and painlessly with body sugaring services, for both men and women, from Molly Michael of Cedar Rapids, IA.

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Introducing the advanced art of

body sugaring hair removal services


You can be confident you'll be taken care of in a professional, welcoming, heart-warming, and soul-rejuvenating environment, one without judgment, as you experience the art of sugaring.


What are the benefits of sugaring?


•  All natural. Literally a product you can eat. Sugar, lemon and water. That’s it.


•  Cannot burn you. The sugar paste is barely lukewarm.


•  Sugar paste cannot remove live skin. Seriously. Sugar cannot bind to anything wet and live skin is wet. In addition, while removing the hair you are also receiving an amazing exfoliation treatment without harming the live skin underneath.


•  The product is water soluble. Simply speaking, there is no more residue after your hair removal treatment. A warm towel will remove any stickiness and you’ll leave feeling both silky smooth and clean.


•  30% less breakage. With sugaring, hair is removed WITH the growth direction of the hair, instead of against it, as it is with both waxing and shaving.


•  Completely sanitary. Bacteria cannot breed in high concentrations of sugar. Molly only goes into her jar using clean gloves, and a fresh sugar paste is used on each and every client. She takes cleanliness very seriously, both for your safety and for hers.


•  Molly practices the Kennedy Method. What does this mean to you? Linda Kennedy has dedicated herself to developing a technique that is both effective and much gentler than other techniques. When performed properly and frequently, this method can actually achieve permanent hair removal after a period of time. We have selected Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring products, the company which has pioneered and continues to lead the North American market.

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