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Skincare is a journey.
Let me guide you!

Regain younger looking, smoother skin with professional skin care techniques

Experience the rejuvenating effects of skin care services provided by Molly Michael, Licensed Esthetician and Sugaring Specialist. Molly offers a range of skin care services tailored to your individual needs and to your specific skin type.


Molly brings a passion for her work and a deep commitment to the needs of her clients, and offers her skin care services in a calm, relaxing and welcoming environment. If you're looking for professional skin care that leaves you feeling and looking younger, call or text Molly Michael of Cedar Rapids, IA at 515.441.1883 to schedule your appointment.


Facials & Skin Treatment

Pamper your skin

Don't let the winter weather take over! Prepare your skin for the ever-changing Iowa weather.

Let Molly help you to bring out your best!

Offering a full spectrum of skin care services and facial treatments  Molly Michael can help you look and feel great!


Body Sugaring

Discover the art of body sugaring - a safe, all-natural and effective technique for both hair removal and skin exfoliation.

"I have been a long time wax client and Molly introduced me to sugaring!!! It is so much faster, less irritating and less painful!! She is amazing, and so is the product she uses!! I am totally hooked after one treatment!!!"

 - Amanda Koch, Facebook



Reflexology is a system of massage involving an application of pressure to key reflex points in the feet and hands. This holistic therapy is used to relieve tension, improve circulation and help us mentally re-balance and retune.

Reflexology is deeply relaxing and fantastic as an aid to help you relax and unwind after a stressful day in the office or at home.


Whole Body Experience

Molly Michael offers a WIDE variety of services and treatments to aid in the health of your ENTIRE body!  

Whether you "clear your head" with Earcandling, Detoxify your body with an Ion Cleanse, OR give yourself the opportunity to have baby smooth feet with a Baby Foot Treatment, you will thank yourself.

Whole Body Services can be experienced alone OR as an Add-On to another service!

Molly Michael,
Licensed Esthetician and Sugaring Specialist

Start your journey to healthier younger looking skin today!

4700 Tama St SE #300, Cedar Rapids, IA 52403, USA

(515) 441-1883

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