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Molly Michael

Licensed Esthetician & Sugaring Specialist

Skin Care is a Journey.

Let me Guide You!


Introducing the

Art of Body Sugaring

Discover the art of body sugaring - a safe, all-natural and effective technique for both hair removal and skin exfoliation.

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Regain younger looking,

smoother skin with

professional skin care


winter skin

Experience the rejuvenating effects of skin care services provided by Molly Michael, Licensed Esthetician and Sugaring Specialist. Molly offers a range of skin care services tailored to your individual needs and to your specific skin type.


Molly brings a passion for her work and a deep commitment to the needs of her clients, and offers her skin care services in a calm, relaxing and welcoming environment. If you're looking for professional skin care that leaves you feeling and looking younger, call or text Molly Michael of Cedar Rapids, IA at 515.441.1883 to schedule your appointment.

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